Immersion blenders actually deliver the same thing like any other available blender in the market. Surely there are few advantages which make it a better choice. It occupies less space and cleaning it seems quite easy. Bamix Immersion Blender is better for making the mix in small portions.

A 200-watt motor is present in the handle which helps in reducing the time one need for blending. It actually fastens the blade rotations getting the blending done in the lesser time span. If you pick the Bamix immersion blender GL200 Pro-3 Immersion Blender you will get high and low speeds @ 10,000 and 14,000 RPMs respectively.

If you look for the popularity of this product then you might see not many are using it. The reason is not its performance, but the price which all cannot afford to bear. But it is a perfect example of power and efficiency.

You can find its place in the kitchen of the chefs. This particular model of Bamix Immersion Blender is largely used to prepare mixes for a large number of portions in a small amount. This blender is very efficient for chopping, blending and mixing with absolute efficiency than rest models of this brand and others too. There are 3 blades for aerating, blending & chopping, in addition to a mounting bracket.


Salient features:

√ľ Exceptional quality design: Comes with an elongated neck, which is more than 25% longer than the rest blenders in the market

√ľ Body material: It is made out of rust-free stainless steel material which makes it safer for use


√ľ Silent Motor: The 200-watt motor of this blender offers tremendous force without creating any noise

√ľ Warranty: The product is available in the market with 3 Year Warranty